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Stuck at Home? 6 Amazing Ways to use a Projector that You Never Knew

LUMOS AURO PHome Projector

Before COVID-19, watching movies on a big screen used to be an expensive recreation. You have to either spend on going to the cinemas (add in overpriced popcorn) or buy an expensive huge-panel TV at home. However, by owning a value-for-money home projector, you can now enjoy the same theatre experience right in your own home without burning a hole in your pocket.

But home projectors are not just limited to movie watching purposes.  With great compatibility with most devices, there are actually endless possibilities.

These are 6 amazing things to do with a projector that you never knew about.

1.  Play Your Favourite Game in King Size

Gaming with LUMOS AURO

Plug in your favorite PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and feel the sheer difference in screen size (see above comparison).

If you have kids or even, many friends coming over (not now, please), a projector works amazingly well for multi-player party games like Overcook, Animal Crossing and Mario Kart where everyone gets a sizeable share of a 150" screen.

If you are more of a solo player, imagine experiencing the latest Resident Evil 3 remake, running away from Nemesis in total room darkness with your immersive big screen. That should get your heart pounding!

In short, once you have experience casual gaming with a projector, you & your family will never go back. More screen, more fun.

2. Project a Gordon Ramsey Recipe Video While Cooking

Cooking Home Projector

This stay- home period brings out the inner chef inside all of us. You have found the perfect YouTube video from Gordon Ramsey on the best pasta sauce base. You prepared the ingredients and want to follow the recipe carefully. 

But, your phone screen is too small to see from a distance and you have to keep touching your expensive phone with your oily or flour-covered hands. ARGH!

With a home projector, you can project a nice image on your kitchen wall in front of you.

Set the video speed to 0.5x, you can comfortably follow the recipe without touching any devices!

3. Create your own spinning studio or night gym at home

 Gym with Home Projector

Being stuck at home working out doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  Set up your  home projector, turn off the lights, max the surround sound volume and you have your own spinning studio right in your room!

More into yoga & meditation in the dark? Stream directly from your phone and a home projector can bring that whole experience into the next level in your room.

This is going to save you tons of money in spinning & yoga subscription in the long run..

4.  ZOOM your girlfriend/boyfriend in full HD on a 100 inch screen

ZOOM with Home Projector

The COVID period is a downer. It is made worse given the government ban on gatherings or visitation. This shouldn’t stop you from showing love for your bf/gf.  Project a 100 inch screen in your room and ZOOM your girlfriend from the comfort of your bed.

With the 1080 HD quality on such a big screen, both parties should be able to see each other’s faces CLEARLY like never before!

5.  Tell a Magic Bed Time Story

Bedtime Stories with Home Projector

Bed time stories are unique moments for parents to have with their children. Utilize a projector to make your children look forward to bedtime (seriously).  You can breathe life into your stories by flashing animals of a zoo or short educational videos.

With its portability, projectors can also be conveniently moved from room to room and you can immediately cast any content directly with your smartphone.

It is a well-known fact that direct light from TV screens is bad for your kids’ eyes and can cause eye strains.

On the other hand, full HD projectors are more comfortable for the eyes due to indirect light and provide a safe viewing experience for your kids.

6.  Paint a Mural At Home

Mural Painting with Kids

Brainstorming a fun family bonding activity during this COVID-19 period?  By pasting a white cardboard paper on your wall and projecting an image on it, you & your kids can spend hours drawing a painting by following along the colours and lines.

This DIY venture is another way parents can invest some quality time with their children.

Let your children’s creativeness flow through with the help of a massive screen that only a projector can do.

Too Long, Didn’t Read (TLDY)

Other than watching movies, a home projector will bring you lots of entertainment when it comes to gaming, cooking, calling, exercising, bedtime stories, and family bonding activities! It is a must-have entertainment gadget in your home during this COVID period.

That is why LUMOS created our best-value flagship projector: AURO, a home-theater with 1080p Resolution, 6,000 Lumens (brightness), Inbuilt streaming apps, Wi-Fi mirror screen & light weight at 3kg. Best of every aspect.

It is only from S$299 where most big brands 1080p resolution projectors are easily around $600 -$1000.

With Netflix & Youtube apps available on our Smart Projector version, which is WIFI enabled, this is truly like bringing the cinema home.

AURO gives you the cinematic experience at best-value prices.