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User Reviews

LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand (in fact, Singapore's First Projector brand), we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo & video reviews!
Based on 1539 reviews
Impressive little thing

For its size and the price, the ray is really quite impressive! The sound is good, and the projection quality is also really good. Even with the blinds up it was really sharp and clear, and with the blinds down, even better! Good value for money

Worth every cent !

Product that’s worth your money. Good screen / Good speaker and everything is built in. Even the response from the remote is extremely fast. Super easy to use !

Super Clear Projector!

Very clear image. Easy to adjust with e focus mode! Took awhile to sign in Netflix but after following e instructions, all is good.

Best Value Projector out there!

I bought my Lumos Ray projector recently and I'm surprised with how fast it was shipped. It was a next day delivery and how portable yet beautiful it looked.

It didn't take much to consider Lumos Ray as it's a Singapore product and it had raving reviews from past customers. A given bonus is that I got it during the 7.7 sale and scooped up a big discount. I can't wait for movie night and even better, watching soccer with my friends anywhere. Thank you to the Lumos team!

Fantastic support team!

Bought a Ray projector recently, but there was issue with the sound system. The support team responded within hours and replaced it with a new one in 2 days. The new projector working fantastically! Thanks to the support team!

Love lumos.

Bought this lumos projector for my husband. He love it so much. He able to carry to work to enjoy movie time with his colleague.

Awesome Projector

I have use other brands of projector for home and this is THE BEST one i ever use. The sound quality and the picture is just so good. Even my cats love it. Just that the plug could have been longer will be great. But whatever it is, THE BEST PROJECTOR I EVER HAD and will definitely recommend it. SPONSOR ME PLEASE… HEHEHE KIDDING!! TQ LUMOS


The resolutions and quality of AURO are sooooooo amazing! Feel like every single dollars are well spent when having my private in-bed movie theatre on tiring night!

Why spend more if you can get a cheap projector with the better quality and customer service?

"Why spend more if you can get a cheap projector with the same specs and customer service comparable, if not better, than those expensive ones?"

The above sentence never came into our mind when we learned about Lumos Projector. Frankly, we were sceptical at first when we saw tons of good blogs and written reviews; thought was just another marketing gimmick. But what made us take the leap of faith was those reviews were so genuine, backed by lots of famous influencers and tech reviewers. Not just the attractive specs, quality of projections and the after-sales customer service provided, the cheap price tag was another big contributing factor that lead us to the decision.

And so, we 'bite the bullet' and gave it a try.

From order to deliver to set up the projector, the processes were such a bliss! Blink of an eye, the projector was set up easily, shining sharply and brightly onto our master bedroom wall. Coupled with the projector sound quality, it gives the feel of watching a movie in a cinema. Incredible!

We also had a fair experience partnering with customer service to resolve one minor issue encountered. With no 'much questions asked', the customer service officer promptly arranged a pickup service within a day; repair it the next day and sent it back to us in the very evening. There was no downtime at all.

Once again, for those who had bought the Lumos auro projector, I am pretty sure you will agree with me on what I had described. For those who have yet to buy, and in midst of considering buying, you can be, like me, took the leap of faith backed by tons of excellent reviews, and buy one to try.

For sure, I have the full confidence that you will make the same review after trying it out.

Cheers and off to watch Top Gun movie on my newly Lumos projector, projecting to a 200" size screen! :)

Portable, small and powerful.

Thank you Lumos for making my home cinema experience come true! Watching movies at home with giant screen have never been made this easy!

Compact and good sound quality mini projector

Totally loving this wonderful took only 1 day of delivery and setup is relatively easy and hassle free. Websites guides are also very helpful to understand the commonly reported user issues encountered and provide me a good understanding. Thank you sooo much

Very nice projector and very suit to my new house!

Recommended Lumos Ray projector for your home entertainment experience. Very good image and sound quality.

Love it, the Lumos Auro Projector

After thinking for some time, finally decided to make the purchase and have been using it almost daily. Might be overusing it in fact. To which I emailed their support team for some help. They were super helpful and so responsive! Gave me some tips and advices  to avoid the damage again and decided to do a 1 to 1 exchange of the projector, which I deeply appreciate!

Never regret getting it all those months ago and will continue to be my favourite item to chill. Friend considering to get a TV, now considering to get this projector. Quality is awesome and provides you with a great movie theater-like experience! You really wont regret it getting it!

No Regrets is The Best Choice for me

Have been using for many times, I really love LUMOS RAY is so suitable for me. Be it in the bedroom, living room, dining area even friends and family house. Easily to carry around, no WiFi? No problem lah just connect your mobile data will do.

Is user friendly as well. Simple and easy to understand and adjust. No kidding! The set-up tips is only a quarter of a A4 page. Harrrr.. Yaloh

Somemore can cast from your mobile phone, just need mobile and LUMOS RAY to connect to the same WiFi for this to work k.

OK now please get one for yourself so that you will be happily ever after.

Amazingly love this projector

It’s very convenient to bring it anywhere since its wireless very small and portable! Love it so much the quality and sounds it’s amazing ! Worth the money 🤩

Impressive little projector with huge performance

I already have a dedicated movie room with recliner chairs and a high end DLP projector, but could not resist buying the Lumos Nano Home Cinema Mini portable projector for its promise to be able to project onto my ceiling. The dream of being able to lie in bed and watch a movie was hard to resist. My only worry was that my bedroom has an extremely high ceiling that is CURVED. I was worried that the Lumos Nano would not be able to project onto a curved ceiling. I needn’t have worried. Setup was painless and super easy. It worked literally out of the box and within minutes I could watch Netflix and YouTube from its native apps. The curve of the screen proved to be no problem at all. Projection was beautiful and bright and the sound quality from such a tiny speaker was impressive and surprising. And yes, I could literally enjoy a movie now while lying completely on my back in the comfort of my bed. I love my Lumos Nano! Just watch this video of the Lumos Nano in action (it starts off dark but then you will get to see how impressive the projection is!)


A few years back when my colleague told me about her projector and how much she enjoyed her movie at home, I was filled with envy. I started sourcing for one and to read reviews about different brands of projectors. Finally settled on Lumos, recommended by my daughter's friend. Really not bad with the visual and audio effects. I am really satisfied with my purchase.

Best purchase

Having Lumos Ray made me more excited to go back home right after a hard day’s work, not to mention staying at home during the pandemic. I enjoy longer hours of watching my favourite animes without straining my eyes. Plus, playing raining sounds with it helped me with my sleeping problem. Super worth it! ✨✨✨

Nice lights

Love the product(s)!

Awesome Lumos Auro Projector

Finally got this Lumos Auro Projector in my master room. Gives a theatre feel.


I have been eyeing the projector since one year ago…and every month I contemplated…..alas, I finally bought it thanks to long Hari Raya break, as I’m growing tired from watching movies on small screen (phone, to be exact). Good quality projector, amazing sound projection and affordable price! Worth it, definitely. Very clear as well.

Ray Lumos changes of the Life

The image is very clear and the projector to the wall. The sound is great. This changes the life of every family with the new concept of enterainment whole.


So worth and best buy ever! Very easy to connect to phone, macbook and so hd! Wanted to get a projector for the longest time but always very expensive. No regrets getting this! :-)

Satisfied with lumos

Highly recommend, very satisfy with the Lumos projector. We glad to have lumos at our home as home theatre.