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User Reviews

LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand (in fact, Singapore's First Projector brand), we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo & video reviews!
Based on 1764 reviews
Completed my dream room with the LUMOS Ray!

I recently moved house and prior to that, I planned to transform my new room into the dream room that I've been wanting to have since forever. I've always wanted my room to be a place of interaction hence, I really wanted a home cinema. Thank you LUMOS for the fast and smooth delivery!

My family and friends were all amazed at my new room because of how cozy and immersive it is with the screen filling up a huge area of my empty white wall. Had some friends over for Hari Raya and they've been in my room watching Netflix and playing the Nintendo Switch on the LUMOS Ray for hours till they actually didn't wanna head home!

Definitely gonna start hosting game nights to bond with my friends and family (and also because I want more compliments about how cool my room is hehe) thanks to my new projector <3

Made a video of my experience with it down below~

Great projector

Fast delivery and the projector serve the function well.
Cannot hear the sound of the projector motor.
Easy to connect with WiFi.
Tend to get abit warm but no issue for using for over 4 hours


Picture quality is amazing 🔥 . I do not have any experience with a projector but this projector is really easy to setup . The sound that is coming out from the projector is really loud and clear . Even in the day , the pictures are still very bright and crystal clear ! Love this projector ❤️

Lumos Ray

Bringing the cinematic experience right into comfort of the bedroom. Like watching Goldclass, but better.

Home Cinema

Finally I can enjoy home theater with Lumos Ray. Good quality however took me a while to set up and adjust the ideal height as I do not have the proper tripods. Great to have built in YouTube and Netflix 😊 Highly recommended 👍

Great projector

The graphic is quite bright even in morning! The sound from it is quite loud too. The most importantly, I like the android store that has a variety of apps ! Will recommend it

Lumos Ray, best home theatre

If you want home theater in your bedroom, just buy the Lumos Ray. Easy to set-up and high resolution

I like lumos projector 📽️ Picture quality 👌,time change watch movie,turn off lumos again fix the time

Mancave Upgraded!

I've always wanted a home cinema setup in my own room and with Lumos Projector having an offer, I decided to jump on it and got myself the Lumos Ray Projector, Smart edition! It comes with built-in speaker that is spretty loud on its own and WiFi internet connection to watch football highlights on YouTube and shows on Netflix, both apps also preinstalled! Gonna have to buy some cushions and beanbags to host the cousins and relatives in my room 😎

Lumos ray

Second purchase ,love it !!

Best Among This Price Range.

Very good quality projection, even during the day at standard brightness you can watch the video clearly. If it is in fact 6000 lumen it will be about 2500 ANSI Lumen based on Google. Its impossible to get 2500 ANSI Lumen at this price range. Speaker wise it is very clear, you can pair it with your expensive speaker if you want.

Great quality and sounds

Super easy to assemble. The resolution is good and amazing sounds



Amazing, realistic effects!

Super realistic and captivating!

Awesome Lumos Auro Pro Projector

Just in time for my new house and I managed to buy the latest new launch Lumos Auro PRO Projector. Finally I got my own home cinema projector! I can now enjoy watching movies and singing KTV using this awesome projector that can display bright, vivid and rich colors. This superb high quality projector produces glorious colors, making every scene beautiful and truest to original. Really love it!

Best customer service and best buy ever.

I had to get a set after seeing what reasonable price my 1st projector can be. Turn out to be my best buy and when I had issues setting up the AURO PRO, the customer service over messenger pleased me more. They solved my issues and it was one of the customer service I have experience. My family is so happy with the projector set up on the wall in the hall OR on the screen in my room wherever I wanted it. So portable too.

Portable Small Giant

Home cinema made possible with this portable small giant. Now I can enjoy a good home cinema experience in any of my rooms. I love that it's small in size but giant in quality.

Lumos Ray (Smart)

The picture / movie looks sharp and better viewing.
I can not add other apps from Google Play Store. I don't know if it is limited to certain apps? Can advice?


Got myself a lumos projector and it’s Best purchase of the Year!! Quality of the projection and sound system are very clear :) looking forward to invite my friends over to binge watch movies together~

good investment but i need the stand to make it better :( cuz the side is blur now

Best Portable Investment

I decided to get a Lumos Ray because of its' size and portability. Honestly, best thing I've done because
1) I'm super fickled minded so I can't commit to having a TV and having to place it in a permanent place.
2) I created a mini cinema in my game room.
3) I can easily bring it to my room and play it against the wall when I'm lazy.
4) It is super clear and huge la guys. Rly like watching it in the cinema. The sound is also super clear and loud even when I just put it on vol. 12-14.

Setting up is super easy and straightforward (once you played around with it). Otherwise, the FAQ is very helpful.

If you're hesitating, this is your sign to get one. Really. Just do it.

Portable projector

Amaze by the great resolution projected from the projector. Would highly recommend to my friends who love to watch movie at home.


Very cool home theater

Cinematic experience at the comfort of your home

Decided to get a projector for my new home because of space constraint, researched quite extensively on the different type of projectors available and decided to go for Lumos because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews.

My thoughts after using for 2 weeks:

1. Responsive customer support who took time to explain to me how I could adjust the projection angle.
2. Fast delivery, received the item within a week upon ordering.
3. Smart version comes with Netflix and YouTube, super easy to operate.
4. Comes with built-in speakers, good sound quality.
5. Awesome image quality, can adjust sharpness by turning the knob.
6. Lightweight and compact, does not take up space in the house.

Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase! Highly recommended :)

Freakin amazing quality!

Order arrived just a few days later, setup was pretty simple and quick, and wow the quality of the visuals and sound was way beyond my expectations!!!