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User Reviews

LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand (in fact, Singapore's First Projector brand), we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo & video reviews!
Based on 1702 reviews
Portable projector

Amaze by the great resolution projected from the projector. Would highly recommend to my friends who love to watch movie at home.


Very cool home theater

Cinematic experience at the comfort of your home

Decided to get a projector for my new home because of space constraint, researched quite extensively on the different type of projectors available and decided to go for Lumos because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews.

My thoughts after using for 2 weeks:

1. Responsive customer support who took time to explain to me how I could adjust the projection angle.
2. Fast delivery, received the item within a week upon ordering.
3. Smart version comes with Netflix and YouTube, super easy to operate.
4. Comes with built-in speakers, good sound quality.
5. Awesome image quality, can adjust sharpness by turning the knob.
6. Lightweight and compact, does not take up space in the house.

Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase! Highly recommended :)

Freakin amazing quality!

Order arrived just a few days later, setup was pretty simple and quick, and wow the quality of the visuals and sound was way beyond my expectations!!!

Great audio and visual quality!

The Lumos Ray has been a great addition to our CNY celebration this year. The sharp quality of the projector paired with the surround sound made for a wonderful experience overall. All in all, this projector has been a great purchase!

lumos nano

holy sh!t the quality exceeded my expectations 100% , quality of pixels smooth af 😍😍😍 worth every CENT 😋

Mini Home Theatre at an affordable Price. Best Value for Money

Compact with in built audio and portable. Adding an Bluetooth speaker along with Apple TV will give a theatre experience for the whole family. A family chill out time at your desired timing at your own convenience. Using a short throw projector for the first time has given a great experience to view and the children enjoy their favourite shows on a big screen happily. Adding right products along with the projector will give you an immense pleasure in watching the shows/Movies.

Awesome Home Cinema Experience, Bang for your Buck

Lumos Projector + Apple TV 4K delivers the absolute best combo! The best streaming experience you can get in your home. Karaoke with Apple Music or stream all your favorite shows with your @lumosprojector on the big white screen, also from Lumos. Everything works so well together and is perfect for the big screen experience in your home. Truly life changing and such an amazing experience! This is the perfect Home Cinema. Images are clear and bright, it works best when the room is dark. The sound coming out of the projector also shocked me as it sounds very good for its size. I am amazed and very pleased with my purchase. I would recommend this to anyone looking to venture into having a Home Cinema! #lumosprojector

It’s cute!! Good sound & portable.

Great sound. Clear picture! My children love it. Can’t wait to bring it out! Great investment.

Very good.

Very good recommend 👍🏻

First choice

Clearer, cleaner and more beautiful picture quality


picture quality very good....

Home Cinema at is BEST!!

My 1st time owning a home projector and i got to say, it's one of my best purchase ever! The native 1080 resolution and bright colors just helps to make the movie experience in my room more magical! Watching the 2022 World Cup Final between France and Argentina using Lumos Auro is simply breathtaking! With great audio, it really felt like the whole stadium atmosphere is in my room! The best feature i would say its that its really SIMPLE to use! Kudos to the lumos team!

New Experience LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Short Throw Projector

Bought LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Short Throw Projector for the new BTO but started using it in our rental room. Amazing satisfying experience with a small projector capable of producing high quality image & sound. With built-in YouTube Apps, it's easier to let children watch their favourite kid's channels without connection to laptop/PC. I enjoy watching extreme sports channels with a huge screen now. Hope & looking forward to winning the RIZE Projector Tripod for my new home setup in Jan 2023. Thank you LUMOS! Cheers.

Super Great Projector With Built in YouTube& Netflix!

Wanted to have a projector for long time but mostly need to have an input in order to project, but this Lumos Smart can just simply connect to wifi and play YouTube or Netflix video! Highly recommended to have one at home and can even no need to buy a traditional TV anymore!

(Wo)Man Cave

The decision to buy the Lumos Auro took a great deal of thought but I’m glad that I went through with it. Look at my set up of the projector and see how I up my game for my very own woman cave! Even if I’m projecting such a low angle, the projection is clear! So very satisfied with this buy~ Had a bit of trouble trying to do the keystone correction and emailed Lumos, to which they give me pointers which helped me to achieve the current projection. I also managed to learn how to properly do the projection and my boyfriend even commented how fast I managed to adjust the keystone correction now as compared to the first time I used it! Really dummy proof!
Pretty sure that the soft toys also enjoy watching the projection from my bed!

Cinematic view for the kids

A great projector that produces fine and colorful picture on the wall that turn the room into a private cinema for the kids to enjoy the show… It a good product that handy to carry around especially for the short trip with the kids. Go get it if you are hesitating, you won’t regret it..

Small yet Powerful! Value for Money!

Love my new Nano! It transformed our home cinema experience instantly! And staycation is never the same again. My son loves seeing his ipad on the projected screen!

Pleasantly surprised! Rlly in love!

Was a bit skeptical about how great the projector was despite all the good reviews but decided to give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it actually was for its price! I really love how there are apps like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and even IQiyi so watching my movies and dramas are super convenient! Though the resolution is at 720p, it is still quite clear especially for a projector and the sound is equally clear and loud too! Can't wait to have more cinema nights soon especially with friends over! Definitely worth!

Satisfied and happy

Projector screen is super!! Good quality product.

Aurora Borealis at home

When you can’t go to Aurora, bring Aurora home instead. Or rather something similar to polar lights effect😆. This Lumos Mood Lighting Projector - 3 colours to select, add stars/crescent moon, play music via its built-in Bluetooth speaker. I bought 4- 1 for self, 3 for kids gift. Need to get a few more.

Better than I even expected :)

Always skeptical about owning a projector because I’ve seen projectors that are grainy. I’m glad I took a leap of faith to try out LUMOS projector, this projector totally blew my mind. Not only is it easy to set up, the built in speaker is good enough to even use as an external speaker to play music. Happy that I bought the smart version, easier to watch Netflix and YouTube. Can control YouTube from phone as well. Thanks LUMOS!

Lumos Ray superb good

the projection of screen is super good. I have taken the video to show. I will recommend my friend to buy.

my personal cinema

Having my personal cinema,without compromising space
Watching Black panther before the big day WAKANDA forever 😁
Working item as described

Home Cinema LUMOS RAY

If you’re looking to recreate some of the magic of the cinema in the comfort of your own home theatre, the LUMOS Ray is available. Great projector for home cinema experience at an affordable price!