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User Reviews

LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand (in fact, Singapore's First Projector brand), we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo & video reviews!
Based on 991 reviews
My Lumos My World

Having a Lumos in my hostel room is like having my own cinema but better. The high number of lumens make the videos crystal clear, and the best part of it is that it only takes up a small space in my room!

Amazing Lumos Ray!

Definitely worth to invest it! Now I can watch movie anytime, anywhere. Plus point is, it can be just a Bluetooth speaker too! Buy now before the the promotion ends. 🥰🥰🥰

Perfect For my Room Setup

So far the best Projector. Worth the price . No regrets .

Unexpected high quality within the budget

Lumos Ray is surprising me with the high quality on their projector, the speaker is cool! The graphic is perfect and most important is USER FRIENDLY! it’s help those are weak in electronic devices alot! Thanks Lumos!

5 Star HDB aquarium

People pay $500+ per night at Sentosa underwater aquarium hotel, I pay $299 can see this every night just beside my bed.

Lumos ray

It was great and clear!! HD clear! Delivery was fast and easy to set up, sound quality was upmost hug quality.


although there were some technical glitches but the support team was SUPERB responsive and very speedy. Anyway here's a video stating how wonderful this product is at such reasonable price.
LUMOS RAY SMART, the quality is really I mean speechless. nothing I say can describe the quality at such price.
Thanks LUMOS Team for making this happen.

性价比超高 推荐!

看那么人用英文写review 我就用华语吧,首先画质清晰 声音生动 最重要的是很容易操作!不会重也不占空间 👍
当初选择lumos 主要就是质量这方面 一分钱一分货 果然没失望👏 值得入手!

Amazing Lumos Ray!

After much consideration. The thoughts to invest in Lumos Ray is so determined! It's really worth, now there's a cinema anytime & anywhere.

PS. The volume level only at 20 it's already loud enough 🤭

Turn your home / room into a mini cinema 🥰🥰🥰🎥🎞📽🎬

Covid 19? Cannot head out to the cinema? Fret not, just get yourself a Lumos projector and you can watch like a king at home ! I would say this is a good deal with a reasonable price and you can start to binge watch your favourite movies/dramas/series.

Love the simple and easy set up, yup, pluck and play that's all, even a primary school kids can handle this 👍👍👍

Sound system - 👍👍👍 it's pretty decent for a master bedroom set up

Image - 1080p , very clear resolution

Overall - small, compact, easy set up projector with cool sound system. 👌definitely worth buying , I wonder how much money you can save on movie tickets from now on 🤭🤭🤭

Nice resolution and pretty decent sound I must admit.

gonna be a couch potato and put on more weight thanks to LUMOS AURO SMART hahaha. thanks guys for making this project with quality and affordable

Small yet powerful

Awesome hd quality and awesome Dolby surround system. Four point keystone is really useful as it does not require the projector to be placed in the middle of the room. Immaculate quality at this price point! Highly recommended!! So what are you waiting for? Get your lumos today!!!!!

Saw many reviews on social media and I decided to get one! I received it in less than a week, and it definitely lives up to the name.

I got myself the LUMOS AURO. Overall, the setup was easy and it projects well even in the day. I manage to download various apps like MGTV and iQiyi and it definitely works well.

With its clear projection and sound system, I was also able to enjoy the live streaming of a concert! It really felt that I was part of the crowd!!

With this projector, I would definitely spend more time in my room! 🤣

Amazing Lumos Ray

Surprised by the performance and quality sound and picture of the small projectors at small price! Worth every cent of it. Good picture resolution and beautiful colour. Comparable to those above thousand of dollars. Will recommend to friends and relatives...

The absolute projector I had

Awesome resolution with smart app! Never miss any movie and drama ever again. It makes me spend more time on this instead of watching via my phone 👍🏻

Believe me, it worth the price👍

Very clear image & good quality sound system, it just more than our expectations,
a very big surprise on our weekend!
Now we can enjoy private cinema in the house!

Best Buy for your home be in for rooms or halls

Firstly I been wanting to get this but had not had the chance and was hesitant at first .Wife SUPRISE me with this Lumos Ray . Am so amazed on how portable this projector is . All you basically need is a switch , wifi and a table or something stable and you ready to go and watch it . You can Bring it wherever you go and it so compact and easy to use . The in built speaker is pretty decent at such a good price and you can never get a deal like this out there definitely:) Have even sent video to my friends and they are all amazed and are not on board to join the Lumos Clan. Clarity are also good enough:) always remember to compare apple to apple when purchasing. For the price and quality, no doubt this is at the top of the list . Let’s join the Lumos Clan and built a following


Very good and worth every single cent of the price!

The resolution is good and function well for smart version. Great movie night on weekends with LUMOS projector!

Best Buy!

I was blown away by the sound and the quality that this very cute and compact projector can make! I would definitely recommend Lumos Ray to my friends!😊👍🏼

Lumos Auro Projector (Smart)

My projector was delivered a couple of days after ordering online. Setup was straightforward of plug and play with only wifi required. The image was sharp and bright even when my room ceiling light and work desk light are on as you can see from the short video. Customer service was very good too as I received the replacement of the faulty remote controller within one day. Highly recommended.

Perfect addition to the room!

Was thrilled to see that the projector can support side projection and decided to get it for my boy's room. It was simply a perfect addition, the small portable size made it so convenient to install (and move around if we ever need to). I plugged it at the corner of the room and it gave us a big fat screen on the empty wall. 😍

Fantastic quality

The Lumos Auro is a really great buy! The picture quality is astounding and the sound quality is excellent. Really glad I got the Auro Smart with Wifi, YouTube and Netflix in the projector box. The kids and seniors are equally thrilled with the new quality cinematic experience that the Lumos Auro has brought to the household! I recommend this!

So easy to use that even my baby could do it!

Easy to set up, good packaging. Instruction sheets very clear for first time setup. Connecting to Wi-Fi was a breeze and the brightness of the 6000 lumens really makes this stand out. Best of all is that it is affordable!

Stunning Clear Picture and sound

Quite surprised on the clarity of picture projection and the sound from projector! Impressive!

rlly good!!

the audio is rlly loud and the video is actually played with the volume of 2/10
my video doesnt do the quality justice😭😭 BUT ITS SO MUCH CLEARER IN REAL LIFE AND ITS QUITE EASY TO SET UP!!