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User Reviews

LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand (in fact, Singapore's First Projector brand), we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo & video reviews!
Based on 487 reviews
Worth every penny!

Just like how the song goes, I am smitten by the projector. Good quality clear picture, best sound... Cinema in bed? Here you go! Thanks Lumos!


I really love the projector! The audio is so good and the screen is very clear. Love the built-in Netflix and YT. And I cast my Viu to the screen. Awesome!!! Now, I can have cinematic experience everyday even watching Kpop MVs! 🍿 Totally recommend it! 💯

Best Projector

First time purchasing a projector,
And really very happy with this superb product, very clear picture and sound..my children and family was also very happy and enjoy watching...very satisfied customer and highly recommended..
Thanks Lumos👍👍👍

Should have got this earlier

This is one of the best investments ever. Only regret is not getting it earlier. The projector is easy to set up and the image is super clear (even without a white wall). The smart version is convenient, super happy that we got it. The only challenge was trying to cast our phone/laptop to the projector, but everything else works well. The remote takes getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy! Highly recommend it!

Good quality and worth the bucks!

Set this up once I’ve received it and it’s hassle free! Love the quality and how the functions are so straightforward. Couldn’t be any more satisfied! Personally, I think with the Rize stand it will be better cus now I’m just using boxes to stack it up.

Amazing Projector

Initially was quite sceptical of this projector advertising online but after carefully reviewing all the reviews, decided to buy a smart version + RIZE stand. Personally Sideload a movie app and connect it to the soundbar for better sounding effect. Wow, the image quality is fantastic! Now I can fully utilise my empty wall in my living room :). No regret!

Exciting new buy

It was super easy to set up and i’m loving the video and sound quality!! Had a fun time unboxing and choosing what to watch next :) Super easy to navigate through the system and i’m really enjoying the experience!!

Good Investment

Impressive and Geat Lumos Projector!

Sounds and image quality is very good for this kind of price, no regrets in buying at all and proud of the purchase!

I've got a cinema in my room.

Highly recommended it to my friends and colleagues as well.

Next level Netflix and Chill

Set up was super easy and really accessible from any angle! Screen is huge too which makes the movie experience so much better! Sound was great too! Definitely gna recommend to my friends!

Home cinematic experience!

Best buy of the year. Set up was pretty simple. My kids was so overjoyed as they get to hook up their ps4 to play their flavourite minecraft game. Best thing is that it doesn't lag at all. And we get to watch our flavourite netflix shows. Looking forward to more movie nights. Would definitely recommend Lumos projector to all my friends.

Smart projector

This is the first time I own a projector it solved my problem of having big screen in my bedroom, Super worth the price and the sound quality is good too !

Have a LUMOS 2021.

The LUMOS projector is very promising, it gives a cinematic vibes both the screen and the sounds! All you need is a wall! I simply love it! Thank you LuMos!


This is our first time purchasing projector. We were glad that Lumos pop out in Instagram while I was looking for projector to purchase. We watch the review of it and wanted to try our luck on it since there were good review on it. We got our hand on it and was supper impressed with it. Thank you Lumos for making our life more entertaining.

What LUMOS is?

Low cost compared to other brands
Unbelievable Ultimate Home Theater
Magnificent Surround Sound
Outstanding Resolution
Spectacular Screen with Digital Zoom & Keystone Correction Smart Version

MUST BUY & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! BEST BUY! No need to think twice especially for those who are really finding an amazing projector. I am a Very Satisfied Customer! Get yours now. 😉

New BPL experience

Watching Netflix and BPL has never been the same since the purchase..
Best buy for year 2020 for surw

Lumos Auro Projector

Easy set up. Easy to navigate with mouse. Terrific sound. Crystal clear image even in day time n lights on. Highly recommended.

Good buy!!!

Bought the smart version with the stand. Works well. Sound is good 😃 Picture speaks louder than words so see the pictures and videos uploaded.

The Perfect Thing to Spice Up Your Room

- Easy to set up
- User friendly as the screen adjusts itself to your wall or screen automatically
- Pairs easily to devices or Bluetooth speakers though the sound itself is already great
- Delivery only took around 2 weeks
- Screen quality is perfect
- Bright enough to use in the day

What else could you ask for? If you need something to complete your room, get it. Just look at mine.


The picture and colour are sharp and clear. The built in speaker sound is great. l am glad to have this Lumos Auro Smart Projector and have a great times with family.
Highly recommended!

Puuurfect sound and video quality

Good investment!! Amazing sound and video quality. Able to keep the cats engaged for a good 10mins (video taken in the afternoon)

Good sound quality

The sound was good! Although it’s a little troublesome to toggle between a mouse and remote control, it is easy to set up and adjust the settings!

Awesome Movie Nights!

The picture quality is amazing (way beyond my expectation), and the colour is vibrant and accurate. See the video below!
I recommend buying the regular version with the stand as the stand really make it convenient to put the projector at any place.
The audio quality is also quite decent, the audio of the video below comes from the projector speaker.
Now I can have cinema experiences at home. THANKS LUMOS! :)

Best budget projector

It's a great projector for movie nights, especially is bright and vibrant picture quality , I normally recommend connecting a soundbar for and immersive experience but the in build speakers itself is room filling. It's a great investment never regret it even tho I got the non smart version. I will definitely recommend to those looking forward to make a home theater. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Regular projector with stand

I am so in love with the quality of it ! Setting up the stand was super easy and doable for anyone. Kinda regret not getting the smart version but maybe next time! Really is good and clear and it works with my switch. It’s clear and does not have any lag time or anything. Works well. Love that there are many ports in the projector too. To connect to various things. Reached beyond expectations ! Thanks so much ❤️

My House is on Fire!

This is the perfect Christmas gift! Came just in time before Christmas & I managed to set up a fireplace! Since can't travel due to Covid, this is as best as you can get to re-create that overseas holiday ambience. This is an outstanding projector that not just let you watch your favorite movies/shows but create the kind of ambience that you want. Love the keystone correction feature which means the projector can be positioned at the side & not necessarily in the center like most traditional projectors. Best of all, it saves you the hassle of buying a huge television & having to mount it onto the wall. This projector is able to give you that big screen experience, with awesome sound qaulity. Easy peasy when it comes to moving house. With the Lumos Projector, it has helped me to create one of the most memorable Christmas experience at home.