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Want to watch LUMOS AURO Projector in action? Look at all these real life demos and you'll be convinced why so many Singaporeans are loving our home-cinema projectors. Amazing image quality, vivid colors, rich surround sound with inbuilt Netflix & Youtube!

A Review for All: Watch Rainier from TheSmartLocal show you his proud work & play set-up at home!

Rainier, from TheSmartLocal, shows you how he uses LUMOS Auro for his movie sessions in his work-from-home bedroom setup! Super cool stuff.

A Review for Techies: Watch Shawn's unbiased take on our in-built apps, functions & overall performance!

Shawn Koh, Singapore's up & rising lifestyle/tech Youtuber, thinks home cinemas need not be an expensive setup & LUMOS Auro is all you need.

A Review for Ladies: Watch Jamie Tan answer her fans' burning questions on her new setup. Super insightful!

Jamie Tan, Singapore's top beauty & lifestyle Influencer, will choose LUMOS Auro any day as she loves the projection quality & good value for money!

A Review for Ladies: Watch a girl gang have so much fun with karaoke & games. Super entertaining!

3 girls from Orhsome, a leading local production company behind iconic scenes of Crazy Rich Asians, sing their hearts out to MVs and more.

Demo: Watch Joe from TechnieLobang explain why the LUMOS Auro is the perfect choice for Netflix & Chill!

If something is cheap, it is not good? Well, this LUMOS AURO projector is cheap and good for home movies. I love the fact that you can add on to have Android on board so that you can chill and watch YouTube or Netflix on it, without any external devices connected.

Ideas: Epic family gathering on top of a Singapore condo with a big terrace. Perfect home cinema LUMOS set up!

Hasna B, Singapore's leading French-speaking Influencer show off her amazing house party with the help of LUMOS Auro Projector. The food is making us salivating.

A Review for Techies: Watch Zed demo to you the big screen size, user interface & the impressive audio with Youtube & PS4!

Zed, from Singapore's leading lifestyle & tech website, JustSaying.Asia, gives you a full tour in his review of our LUMOS Auro projector.

Unboxing: Curious what you will get? Let Zed show you all the cool accesories you will get when you order today!

Zed, from Singapore's leading lifestyle & tech website, JustSaying.Asia, gives you a sneak peek in his unboxing of our LUMOS Auro projector!

Demo: Witness first-hand the sharp image and color quality with Dolby Audio! Notice the insane hair details on the raccoons!

1080p FHD Resolution, 6000 Lumens and Dolby Surround Sound, our projector truly brings the cinema home for you.

Demo: Immerse in the amazing 1080p image & audio of Korean Travel Vlogs by Alvin. The food looks so realistic!

1080p picture quality is so realistic that the Korean Food on his video looks like Alvin, a super satisfied customer, is currently in Seoul.

Demo: Experience Eugene's epic 150-inch home cinema set-up in the living room! Biggest size we have seen so far!

Projected against a huge wall in the living room, this is how you can create your own dream home cinema setup.

Demo: Watch our handsome customer, Francis, review the 3 key LUMOS AURO features that you need to know!

Showcasing Netflix, Youtube and Casting Apps in action, you'll see for yourself the top-notch features our projector has.