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Want to watch LUMOS AURO Projector in action? Look at all these real life demos and you'll be convinced why so many Singaporeans are loving our home-cinema projectors. Amazing image quality, vivid colors, rich surround sound with inbuilt Netflix & Youtube!

A Review for All: Watch Rainier from TheSmartLocal show you his proud work & play set-up at home!

Rainier, from TheSmartLocal, shows you how he uses LUMOS Auro for his movie sessions in his work-from-home bedroom setup! Super cool stuff.

A Review for Techies: Watch Shawn's unbiased take on our in-built apps, functions & overall performance!

Shawn Koh, Singapore's up & rising lifestyle/tech Youtuber, thinks home cinemas need not be an expensive setup & LUMOS Auro is all you need.

A Review for Ladies: Watch Jamie Tan answer her fans' burning questions on her new setup. Super insightful!

Jamie Tan, Singapore's top beauty & lifestyle Influencer, will choose LUMOS Auro any day as she loves the projection quality & good value for money!

A Review for Ladies: Watch a girl gang have so much fun with karaoke & games. Super entertaining!

3 girls from Orhsome, a leading local production company behind iconic scenes of Crazy Rich Asians, sing their hearts out to MVs and more.

A Review for Techies: Watch James's expert opinion on our sleek design, sharp picture quality & smooth Android OS!

James Babble, Singapore's established tech reviewer, thinks what really sets the Lumos apart is the fact that it HAS a LAN port and supports super fast 5GHz wifi.

A Review for Techies: Watch Zed demo to you the big screen size, user interface & the impressive audio with Youtube & PS4!

Zed, from Singapore's leading lifestyle & tech website, JustSaying.Asia, gives you a full tour in his review of our LUMOS Auro projector.