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Top 5 Home Projectors in Singapore Worth Buying in 2020

With the COVID19 circuit breaker, all cinemas are closed & you wouldn’t want to go even if it reopens soon. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can get the full cinematic experience at home with your love ones, watching an entertaining movie on a chill Saturday night?

Projectors can bring an amazing high-resolution viewing experience into your home, at a lower cost versus most big-brands TVs. Projectors are also versatile with any visual media be it Netflix, Youtube, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch while super portable to put in any rooms you want.

Kids watching projector

The most attractive part of owning a movie projector is the MASSIVE screen space!

Are your kids driving you crazy at home? Flash a 100-inch plus massive screen with a home projector to let them watch cartoon videos in 4K resolution or play Nintendo Switch. That should allow you to focus on WORKING at home!

If you are deciding to buy a home projector, you are at the right place as we will show you the top 5 home projectors in Singapore worth buying in 2020.

#1 LUMOS AURO Home Cinema Short Throw Projector

Best for Savvy Home Owners

 ✔ Inbuilt Android Interface with Netflix & Youtube
 ✔ Mirror screens with smartphones using Wifi
 ✔ Native 1080p Image quality
 ✔ Lightweight at 3.0 kg
 ✔ Affordable at S$299 (+$79 for Smart Version)

    LUMOS AURO Home Projector

    Locally-designed, the LUMOS AURO Home Cinema has one of the most innovative and updated specifications to meet all your home cinema expectations.

    AURO is a 1080p projector featuring 6,000 lumens and 4,000:1 contrast ratio to provide extremely crisp and clear imaging. Though 4K content is booming but 99% of all existing movies are still mastered in Blu Ray (1080P), making its native resolution of 1080p at the industry standard as paying for a higher resolution doesn’t improve the quality significantly.   AURO is optimized to give you the highest visual attainment at 1080p, up to 300inch of projected screen and with Dolby Audio Support, it feels like going to your local Golden Village Cinema.

    Another fantastic feature about the AURO is its inbuilt Android Interface with Netflix & Youtube that lets you binge-watch with a just few clicks. Furthermore, both IOS & Android users can also easily mirror their phone screen onto AURO with connected Wi-Fi. 

    With same specs model costing up to S$1,000, AURO is competitively priced at $299 only (+$99 for Smart Version). It truly gives you the cinematic experience at the best value price.


    #2 LG CineBeam HU80KSW 4K Projector (2019)

    Best for Visual Connoisseurs

    ✔ Unique Design
    ✔ 4K Native Resolution
    Can be heavy at 6.7 kg
    Expensive at S$3,500

    LG Cinebeam Home Projector

    If you want a high-end home projector, then LG CineBeam HU80KSW would satisfy your expectations. This product is the complete package. LG CineBeam HU80KSW is the ultimate projector with its incredible built-in speaker and features.   

    Its 4K HDR display gives an appealing image that has neutral color reproduction. It also comes with 2,500 lumens to provide a wonderfully luminous and intense viewing experience.

    LG CineBeam model also has built-in Harman Kardon speakers providing you with world-class audio. The projector screen remains stable for up to 20,000 hours, making this home projector one of the best in its class.

    Being the cream of the crop, this home projector costs around S$3,500.

    #3 BenQ 4K HT3550 Projector

    Best for Console/Set Box Owners

    ✔ Intense contrast ratio (deeper black)
    ✔ Supports 4K Content
    ✖ No Streaming Apps
    ✖ Expensive at S$3,000

      BENQ Home Projector

      BenQ is a well-known brand amongst all other projector companies in the market.  Their HT3550 model is considered the industry standard projector in the market.

      BenQ HT3550 specifications include its large screen size of up to 120 inches. One of the most prominent features is the contrast ratio, as the BenQ HT3550 boasts a 30,000:1 ratio, promising intense imaging. It has a relative discount as compared to LG CineBeam, of around $3,000.

      However, the projector’s software is a bit dated with just a simple menu. You will need a physical source such as set-up box or Blu-Ray player for it to function. This may not make it the best home projector, but still, it's worth looking at.

      #4 Epson 1080p EH-TW5650 Projector

      Best for Professional Gamers

      ✔ 480Hz Drive Technology gives zero lag
      ✔ Supports up to 1080p Image quality
      ✖ Low brightness of 2,500 lumens
      ✖ Pricey at S$1,500

        Epson Home Projector


        On top of supporting 1080p resolution, the Optoma UHD51A has a distinctive feature that stand out among all other movie projectors.  It has a high 480Hz refresh rate which means you will have super smooth transitions with minimum lag. (For home cinema use, only 60 Hz is required).  Refresh rate is particularly important for professional gamers who needs to maximize their gameplay performance with projectors.

        The low brightness is also to accommodate the long hours of staring during intense gaming. Hence you may not have a vivid cinematic experience compared to a regular home cinema projector.

        Consider this if you are participating in an e-sports tournament.

        #5 Anker Nebula Capsule II Mini 720p Projector

        Best for Travelers

        ✔ Android TV (without Netflix)
        ✔ Portable for Travelling
        ✖ 720p (HD) resolution only
        ✖ Relatively Pricey at S$850

          AN Home Projector


          Of course, not all Singaporeans are ready to splurge thousands on a home projector. The Anker Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector is also worth considering for those who are budget-conscious. This projector is more compact and portable than any other projector on the list. It costs around S$850.

          Capsule II Mini is a powerful pocket- friendly projector, but you might have to compromise with the relatively low resolution 720p HD output which may give duller images under light. It includes a HDMI port, a USB-C charging port, and even Android TV (but no Netflix license).

          While it needs to be charged after 3 hours of use each time, it is still great for the travel-holics.

          Too Long, Didn’t Read (TLDY)

          A home projector with its massive screen is increasingly must-have gadget in all Singaporean homes.

          Most existing video content nowadays are in Blu-Ray 1080p. It does not make sense for the regular home owner to buy 4K capability home projectors that costs over $3,500 (Yes, even Avengers: Infinity War with a 350mil budget was mastered in 2k or 1080p)

          That is why LUMOS created our best-value flagship projector: AURO, a home-theater with 1080p Resolution, 6,000 Lumens (brightness), Inbuilt streaming apps, Wi-Fi mirror screen & light weight at 3kg. Best of every aspect.

          It is only from S$299 where most big brands 1080p resolution projectors are easily around $600 -$1000.

          With Netflix & Youtube apps available on our Smart Projector version, which is WIFI enabled, this is truly like bringing the cinema home.

          AURO gives you the cinematic experience at best-value prices.