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LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand, we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo reviews!
Based on 1824 reviews
Our 1st Home Cinema

My kids were all over the moon when we received this awesome Lumos Ray Projector 📽️. It’s really very cool❤️ We love the very clear sound and crisp pictures. Its very easy to set up and use immediately 😊

Best gift ever!

I got this as a gift for my husband and i think its really worth it! We both like to netflix and chill. Our bedroom does not have a suitable space to put a tv, so i thought of getting this instead! So convenient and much cheaper than a tv! The sound and resolution is super clear! Feels like having a cinema at the comfort of our own home. Now every night is date night! So happy with my purchase!!

Lumos Projector Honest Review

After stating the Lumos Mood Projector, I found it to be a very worthy purchase. The Lumos project certainly delivers to its claims and it's tricolour lighting sure helps to set the mood effectively. It has much more vibrancy than other projectors and with its massive 300" coverage, it will cover whatever ceiling or wall you have. It is customisable with an included remote and you can place the projector in 4 different positions to ensure that it can project to whatever surface you want. Not only that, but they went above and beyond with a built-in Bluetooth speaker! Now it's much more effective at creating a mood and atmosphere than any other projectors. With its night sky and stars mode, the Lumos Mood project is sure not to disappoint anyone and can be used for many different areas. Although it does shake a bit when it is placed at a tilted angle when there is music playing, it is not too major and the other features of the Lumos Mood projector more than make up for it. It is a great product and I am very happy to own it now. I would highly recommend to anyone else that wants a projector capable of projecting and creating a variety of moods!

Smart & Wonderful ATOM!

The Atom Home Cinema Projector is such a wonderful addition to any home.
With a great resolution when projected on a white wall, projector screen is no longer a pre requisite.

Image is sharp and video is smooth.

An absolute value for money!

It's awesome!!!

Just bought a projector and tried to set it up myself. It was amazing to be able to experience high performance home theater and it took me by surprise. I absolutely love this home theater, it's so comfortable in bed. Love the audio and HD picture, very smart portable projector. Highly recommended!!

Best projector

I was skeptical at first, but now when i got this projector, it amazed me! Loving the audio and the resolution!
A few of my friends have asked me abt it, and i will definitely highly recommend to them!

BANG for the Buck!

Very WORTH IT, considering that i need not worry about powerpoints and cables to set up my "TV" in the bedroom. The LUMOS NANO sits cosily on the bed frame and delivers quality pictures. This is my 2nd purchase already, upgrading from a LUMOS RAY and no regrets! Get it during the National Day sales and stack vouchers for more Bang for the Buck $$ :)

Lumos projector

Colour of the projection is super vivid and suitable for watching movies! Sound system is amazing too! Value for money if you want a high quality projector which can connect with your phone easily for shows on other apps (iQiyi, viu, etc.) apart from youtube/netflix which they do offer in the projector set at an additional cost.

BEST Home Cinema at its Finest!

My first experience handling Lumos Home Projector and it has to be the best one. The HD graphics and surround sound system coming off the device does not disappoint, hands down, SOLID! Not forgetting the 4 keystones in the projector setting allows you to place your projector at an angle while getting the most OCD angled display beaming on your wall!! Furthermore, to get such quality at this pricing is a steal! What are you waiting for? Get yourself one TODAY ☻

Best Portable Projector Ever!!

Bought Lumos Nano for movie nights with my family! Love how small it is and best of all you can bring in out on camping and holiday!
Kids enjoying the movie with great image & sound from Nano.


Contemplated for a Lumos projector for the longest time and finally decided to give it a shot. BRAVO I did not regret even a bit after receiving it and setting it up! Easy to set up, and easy to connect to my Sonos Era100. I could also use my Sonos app to control and play the audio from other Sonos devices. Love the seamless connection!

Clear, sharp images even in the day (of cos havento draw the curtains).

Seriously loving the set up and now more movie or Karoake nights! Also love it that it is small and portable and I could just bring it everywhere!

Thank you LUMOS!

A Stellar Home Projector Experience

I recently purchased the Lumos RAY Home Cinema Short Throw Projector, and I must say it has completely transformed my home entertainment setup. This technological marvel has exceeded my expectations in every way, bringing a whole new level of immersive and cinematic experience right into the comfort of my living room. Here are a few reasons why I believe a home projector is an absolute game-changer:

Stunning Visuals: The image quality of a good home projector is simply breathtaking. With high resolutions and vibrant colours, it feels like I have my own private movie theater. The large projected screen creates a truly immersive experience, allowing me to get lost in the action. Even at daylight, the visuals are still amazing as shown in the photo.

Easy Setup and Portability: Setting up the projector is surprisingly hassle-free. Within minutes, I had my projector up and running, projecting stunning visuals on my wall. (However, I do hope to win a tripod instead of my current DIY tripod 😂)

Audio Experience: The projectors come equipped with built-in speakers that deliver impressive sound quality. While not as powerful as a dedicated surround sound system, these speakers are more than sufficient for everyday use. However, if you're an audiophile, you can easily connect external speakers or a sound system to take the audio experience to a whole new level.

Cost-Effective Entertainment: Investing in a home projector is a cost-effective way to elevate your home entertainment experience. The price of the Lumos RAY Home Cinema Short Throw Projector is affordable, offering great value for money compared to large-screen TVs.

In conclusion, owning a home projector has been an absolute game-changer for me. The stunning visuals, flexibility, ease of setup, and immersive experience it provides have completely revolutionized my home entertainment setup. Whether you're a movie enthusiast, a sports fan, or a gamer, a home projector offers an unparalleled cinematic experience that will leave you in awe. I highly recommend investing in one and unlocking a whole new world of entertainment possibilities right in the comfort of your own home.

Lumos quality.

Good brightness even in ambient lighting!

Helpful service staff.

Thank you.

Fantastic, I love it!

Purchasing this monitor turns out to be a really good decision. It's affordable, compact and works great. The setup is easy, just refer to the user manual for some key setups. It took me about 10-15 mins only. The video quality is great with Netflix.

Cinema in DA box

Very fast delivery (next day) and easy to setup. Works great in my play room with good video and audio out of DA box. Plays content readily from out of DA box browser and YouTube. Works well with Nintendo Switch with HDMI. Works best in low light conditions.

Lumos Mood lighting projector

Light projection was wide and colors projected was very beautiful and soothing. Can even play songs from your hp. All you need to on the blue tooth from your phone . One stone kills 2 birds- Light & sound experience. Wonderful and Fabulous visual and audio experience. Was happy about my decision to purchase it.

Godsent Invention

Just a 5 to 10 min easy setup and the cinematic experience can brought to anywhere in my house!

Excellent experience

Picture is crystal clear , image size is bigger and sound is good

Completed my dream room with the LUMOS Ray!

I recently moved house and prior to that, I planned to transform my new room into the dream room that I've been wanting to have since forever. I've always wanted my room to be a place of interaction hence, I really wanted a home cinema. Thank you LUMOS for the fast and smooth delivery!

My family and friends were all amazed at my new room because of how cozy and immersive it is with the screen filling up a huge area of my empty white wall. Had some friends over for Hari Raya and they've been in my room watching Netflix and playing the Nintendo Switch on the LUMOS Ray for hours till they actually didn't wanna head home!

Definitely gonna start hosting game nights to bond with my friends and family (and also because I want more compliments about how cool my room is hehe) thanks to my new projector <3

Made a video of my experience with it down below~

Great projector

Fast delivery and the projector serve the function well.
Cannot hear the sound of the projector motor.
Easy to connect with WiFi.
Tend to get abit warm but no issue for using for over 4 hours


Picture quality is amazing 🔥 . I do not have any experience with a projector but this projector is really easy to setup . The sound that is coming out from the projector is really loud and clear . Even in the day , the pictures are still very bright and crystal clear ! Love this projector ❤️

Lumos Ray

Bringing the cinematic experience right into comfort of the bedroom. Like watching Goldclass, but better.

Home Cinema

Finally I can enjoy home theater with Lumos Ray. Good quality however took me a while to set up and adjust the ideal height as I do not have the proper tripods. Great to have built in YouTube and Netflix 😊 Highly recommended 👍

Great projector

The graphic is quite bright even in morning! The sound from it is quite loud too. The most importantly, I like the android store that has a variety of apps ! Will recommend it

Lumos Ray, best home theatre

If you want home theater in your bedroom, just buy the Lumos Ray. Easy to set-up and high resolution