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LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand, we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo reviews!
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LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Short Throw Projector
Small machine make happiness

Wow... never have thought this compact projector would blew my mind away with how it's work. Now it has definitely fed my thirst of wanting my own private home theatre at my room.

Superb wide projections within limited room space, easily reach 120" display in 2.5 meters of short distance. Top notch display quality even in a bright room. You'll also be amazed with its explosive sound effect from the built-in speaker.

With the budget offered it would definitely worth every penny you spent for this little beast.

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Short Throw Projector
Totally exceed my expectationssss

Wasn't expecting much but the image is really quite clear and the sound is strong too. Very good value for this price. Really satisfied with my purchase.

Awesome quantity

Suitable product to put in the bedroom to enjoy good quatity show time with my kid. Thank you Lumos.

Great projector. Great value

home theatre at your own comfort!

Superb quality!

Bringing cinema to your home! Vivid colors and sharp resolution! Loving the feel of having your own cinema at the comfort of your bed!

Awesome Lumos Home Cinema

Great buy. Highly recommended.

Fiancée loves it!

The Lumos Auro exceeded our expectations in terms of image quality and volume! It’s really easy to use as well, it’s literally plug and play!

It can play Disney +

Now my gal can watch her Disney+ in the bedroom too!!! Super clear!!!

What else?

As the title. Exceed my expectations for the price I paid.
What else? Need I say more. Enough said. You already took my money happily.

Great sound, great picture, best value

Bought this projector when I saw positive reviews on The Smart Local. I was not disappointed. Its loud (when needed), the picture is sharp and its colour is vibrant. As you can see in the video, the picture is about 1.8m wide, with the projector positioned about 2m, off-centred from the wall.

The Wifi setup, signing into YouTube and Netflix, keystone adjustment were easy.

This projector is really awesome, especially for the price. Get it now!

Loving it!!

My projector came in just one week! Has good sound and video quality when the projector is placed directly in front of where you wish to project. If you placed it at an angle, the sides will be a bit blurry. I bought the SMART version and I love how I can access YouTube, Netflix and even project my phone screen to the projector. Overall, a good buy!!


Very good and convenient smart projector. Worth more than the price. Competition to none with this price range. Received after 2 weeks but worth the wait.

Nice projector

Waited for about 2 weeks to receive it. Overall a projector with good quality with affordable price. The image quality is very good, the speaker are clear with max volume and the weight of the projector is surprising light. The only downside is the fan are quite loud if you place too close you. Other then that, the projector is perfect, my son love it.

Love it!

Initially, I was reluctant to buy the projector. However, after doing my research and comparing this to other devices such as television and other projectors, I decided to buy this! It was the best gift I ever bought for myself honestly. The brightness was too good, especially in the daylight, it still looks good! And imagine what it looks at in the nighttime! Never regretted buying this <3

Just buy, totally worth it!

Always wanted to have a projector! Now it’s like a dream come true, superb quality and fast shipping. Working well with different brightness too! It a steal with such pricing in the market, buy it now with discount for new year.


Impressive movie theatre experience, user-friendly and affordable! 10/10⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Awesome Projector!

Excellent video and audio quality. Worth the money. Once started watching can’t stop! Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


My kids love it so much!

Amazing Projector, Worth Every Cent!

It was a long 13 days wait to get my hands on this projector BUT it's totally worth it! I have no idea what took me so long to invest in this awesome projector! It is worth every cent for the clarity of the image & sound. I will definitely recommend this to my family & friends without hesitation. The set-up was also pretty easy - just plug the power in, connect to WiFi & there you have it, Netflix & Chill! Oh and did I mention, I love the fact that the projector is very securely packed to ensure maximum safety in case of bumps here & there.

Best Projector##NO REGRETS

Received and tested on the same day. Easy installation and good guide information. Colours are vibrant and clear thanks to the 6000 lumens. The sound quality was great and bluetooth connection to my soundbar makes the whole experience fantastic. It is better then my old projector which i bought at $200+. The smart version which i ordered makes connection with wifi and getting Netflix also Youtube makes it more enjoyable. Price below $400 with this kind of spec is a great bargain. Might buy for my sister as present.

Worth the money!!! =D

This was recommended by my friend Melissa. At first I was skeptical and hesitated to buy due to a budget constraint, and went around to look for other options. There may be cheaper ones out there but it doesn’t beat Lumos’ high end specs e.g 6000 lumens and 1 year warranty with dolby audio sound system. So I took the leap of faith and finally it arrived yesterday! The quality was great, works well on my Roku device (standard model) and comes with an exceptional sound system! :-) No regrets!!! After using it, I can confidently recommend my friends to buy this projector for your next netflix / youtube binge watch =D Also the real live video quality is good, even on broad daylight. Thank U lumos.

Worth every penny!

Just like how the song goes, I am smitten by the projector. Good quality clear picture, best sound... Cinema in bed? Here you go! Thanks Lumos!


I really love the projector! The audio is so good and the screen is very clear. Love the built-in Netflix and YT. And I cast my Viu to the screen. Awesome!!! Now, I can have cinematic experience everyday even watching Kpop MVs! 🍿 Totally recommend it! 💯

Best Projector

First time purchasing a projector,
And really very happy with this superb product, very clear picture and children and family was also very happy and enjoy watching...very satisfied customer and highly recommended..
Thanks Lumos👍👍👍

Should have got this earlier

This is one of the best investments ever. Only regret is not getting it earlier. The projector is easy to set up and the image is super clear (even without a white wall). The smart version is convenient, super happy that we got it. The only challenge was trying to cast our phone/laptop to the projector, but everything else works well. The remote takes getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy! Highly recommend it!