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LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand, we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo reviews!
Based on 757 reviews
Lumous for Euro Cup and movie experience!!!

One of my best buy somemore it arrives before Euro Cup 2020! The resolution of 720p is good enough for me to project as my space is not very big. It really brings your movie experience to a whole new level with this affordable device!

Movie under-the-stars

The AURO is an awesome projector we can now use for movies under-the-stars!
It is light and easy to carry around, picture is bright and clear and the sound is great for outdoor cinema set-up.
We're enjoying the AURO very much!

Loving Lumos Ray, bringing much quality to my life

Loving the Lumos Ray which I’ve bought. Good graphic, good audio and good system.

Never thought I would be able to purchase a projector in such an affordable price. Delivery of this system is fast as well.

Even during day time still able to watch shows with quality

Loving this.

Bring Lumos home built your own cinema😎

Impressed with Lumos Ray a lightweight projector which can built your own cinema in your house. Very good and clear video quality and sound.

Advanced Father's Day Gift for hubby

LUMOS RAY is simply AWESOME! Love the stylish and compact design that doesn't compromise on the video and sound quality which really impressed me! Ordered this for Father's Day gift and it came early! Thanks for bringing cinema experience to our home! We love this little super hero :)

Dope! Loving it!

Got the LIMOS AURO. Overall I am very satisfied with the projector and considering the small one for bedroom setup :D

Best bday gift. Lumos Ray

Good sounds and good picture quality.

WOW! Entertainment

Impressed with this Lumos Ray projector it small, cute and lightweight can easily place it anywhere in the house you want. Awesome quality and sound system at affordable price.

Enjoying up close and personal with SJK

I'm super impressed with this projector which was meant to enjoy in my bedroom.

And now I can rewatch Dots and enjoying my super upclose and personal moments with SJK

Awesome quality at affordable price!

LOVE the video quality please! This is def one of the few cheaper options out there if you wana get yourself a home theatre experience. We got the smart one that comes in Netflix, YouTube and WiFi. The setup is easy, the box is lightweight too. one favorite thing is we could adjust the angle of the screen if it's slanted. The video and sound quality is really good, clear and loud. I projected it in the living room to show my family and their reaction was "wooooow the quality is good!". I also bought AURO for my cousin's wedding gift 😄

Movie night

The quality is really good.

Value for Money

We were looking for a Projector, and decided to purchase Lumos Ray. The price is reasonable and the specs on the Smart Projector is not inferior; we received our Projector within 3 weeks.
it really is a fantastic piece of equipment, well worth the money - we're just looking forward to being able to have more people round so that we can show it off! For now just us and our furry friends :)

The Perfect Home-Theatre Experience at an Affordable Price!

Model: LUMOS Ray (Smart)

Been shopping around for a portable, smart and easy-to-use projector.
Marketing for Lumos was on-point and I simply had to verify it for myself. So glad that it did not disappoint and I can finally have my own mini home theatre in my very own bedroom!

Visuals: 5/5, projection on my walls/ceiling/blinds were clear.
Audio: 4/5, considering it came from the projector itself I must say it's pretty decent.
Price: 5/5, definitely one of the more affordable ones out in the market.
Experience: 4/5, finding the perfect height (and how to achieve it) for the projection would probably be the biggest challenge.

All in all, it's been a pleasant experience so far and I'm looking forward to using more of it!

So much fun!

The LUMOS projector 📽 is a great addition to any home, especially during these times when we have to be home more often than usual. Glad we got one!


Value for money! Honestly so easy to set up and the smart version comes with in-built Netflix and youtube! I like how I'm able to download the disney+ apk when it was unavailable, it works perfectly. Strongly recommend it to those who are looking for an affordable and good projector!



Amazing Projector

“Lumos auro is an amazing projector. It brings family and friends together. Happy to have it”.

Extremely Satisfied and Happy Experience

Model bought: LUMOS Ray (Smart version)

Reasons to buy:
- Easy to set up, literally only need one power cable to be connected
- Form factor: Small and cute
- High resolution with good colours
- Short throw projection: Can be used in small and large rooms
- Fuss free: User-friendly interface
- Built-in audio system: Versatile and can work by itself even without external speakers (Although we added speakers for better surrounding audio experience)
- Others: Smart version allows for keystone correction, and wireless projection via AirPlay with very smooth experience

Reasons not to buy:
- You are more interested in LUMOS Auro instead!! :P

One of the best projector in the world

We got the Lumos Ray Projector. I and my sister kids will love it! Its like having our own cinema! It's easy to use and very portable as it's light weight. Would definitely recommend it to our family and friends ,as the price you can not find something with the price cost and the quality of it one of the best products i have get for the value and the quality

It’s so good !!

The graphic is just right and clear

very surprise nice projector🥰🥰

Looking for a long time.. Finally, I chose Lumos Ray... No disappointment... That's great 👍

Great Movie Experience With Value For Money

Worth getting it! Feels like we have bought the movie theatre home and can enjoy at the comfort of our bed!

Nice experience! ☺️

amazing projector

crystal clear image use to playing game is so enjoy n the sound is amazing best quality..5 star


We got the Lumos Ray Projector. Our kids love it! Its like having our own cinema! It's easy to use and very portable as it's light weight. Would definitely recommend it to our family and friends!

Compact and really Good Quality - love it!

Got it at $288 smart version, was really excited about it bc the usual projectors are too big for my liking. Hence when this came out and was on sale it was perfect! Really prefer projector over TV as it doesnt take up much space and with the smart version i dont have to use HDMI cable, connect to laptop etc (i mainly use netflix).

Really good buy, best if you have a wireless mouse to navigate around the apps. Quality is really very good for its price. Also, i had it on a blue wall (yet to paint white) and quality doesnt differ very badly. I tried it around 6pm so the sun was still up with windows opened but still able to watch my shows. I thought i had to get my blackout curtains or watch in a pitch black room but i think if you're not too picky watching in the day is fine too!