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Most Common Issues

Most Issues can be found and solved here - please read them

Plugging in USB Mouse will help you navigate freely and access more apps features. (E.g. Netflix)

You do not have to update the Netflix App

For Samsung Phones, please use AirScreen App and not Mcast

My WIFI isn't connecting

How to Factory Reset Properly?

My Youtube/Netflix is not connecting

My Bluetooth is not connecting or compatible with my device

A very small portion (the sides and corners) of the screen looks unfocused/blur

My screen is flickering/ There is a rainbow line

My Casting Apps is not connecting properly with my iPhone/Macbook/Samsung/Android Phone

Incompatibility or lag when using Casting Apps

I have paired my Windows Laptop using Bluetooth but cannot mirror.

(RIZE Stand) The holes on RIZE isn't that aligned, I can't screw it in!

(RIZE Stand) I can't find the screws!

The lens cover is very tight and secure. How do I open it safely?

How do I adjust the focus of the lens?

Keystone Correction: The projected screen does not seem to be not perfectly horizontal/vertically.

Keystone Correction: I want to put the projector by my bedside / I want to projector it at an angle. How do I do that?

How do I make the projector tilt higher so that it can project upwards more?

How do I adjust the size of the screen?

How do I change the aspect ratio of the screen?

I want to adjust the brightness, contrast and color mode of the screen.

My screen is very dimmed & not bright.

How do I clean the specks of dust inside the lens?

There are some very small spots/dead pixels on the screen. What can I do about it?

There are visible scratches on my lenses.

For me, I find the noise of the fan a little loud.

I am unable to turn on the projector at all.

The settings button on the remote control does not do anything. Is it configured wrongly?

How to off the notifications popping up at the bottom?

Other Issues involving In-Built Apps

Netflix, Youtube, Casting Apps & Others

Airscreen: My Airscreen is not playing Youtube videos , Netflix & has a maximum time limit

Mcast: The app does not work with my Samsung phone!

Netflix: When I first opened Netflix, it asks me for an update - but I am unable to update!

Netflix: Error message on Google Play Store, "This app isn't compatible with your device anymore"

Netflix/Youtube: My Netflix/Youtube is loading super slowly or they are not connecting.

Netflix: My remote control hangs in Netflix/ I can't follow or see exactly where the remote control is / I want to switch account / I want to navigate episodes.

Youtube: How to type in Mandarin Chinese?

General: The Google Playstore does not have the app I am looking for.

General: How do I log out and change my Google Account?

General: Where can I find/download the Web Browser?

General: How to Install Google Chrome?

General: How to Install Hulu?

General: I have tried to download an APK, but it is not working.

General: How to change system language? E.g. Chinese

Other Issues that involves non-built-in Apps

Compatibility with Other Devices

Chromecast, Apple TV, Soundbars & Other Devices

Chromecast/Apple TV does not seem to be working.

Some content in Apple TV/TV Box/Other Streaming Device does not seem to be working

I can't seem to connect my Airpods

How can I connect to my soundbar/headphones?

Other Issues that involves Device Compatability